Society today has transformed a lot.

Society today has transformed a lot. We have come a long way since the time that humans lived in caves. Nowadays, society is so technologically advanced that it has eliminated many animals from its ecosystem.

In order to accommodate the new changes and make sure that the environment is not being destroyed, some countries started using animal farming as an alternative to mass-animal slaughter in order to minimize their contribution on global warming.

The use of technology has played a significant role in sustaining this change because now there are ranchos out there with windows and carpets made of recycled materials for horses and cows, respectively.Society is the most important part of our lives and it’s changing at a rapid pace.Many people are turning to animals for their companionship and enjoyment. They include dogs, cats, horses, chickens and cows. People also enjoy watching animals out on zoos or farms. Some even go to see animal performances.

The rancho was the main house in which the family lived for a long time before they built the other buildings around it. The windows were used to see outside in case of an emergency like when there is an earthquake or storm coming through town. The carpet was used as entryway as they arrived at their rancho from different places on horseback.